HipStart Trains Hip Rotation

Increasing Hip Speed for More Distance, Velocity and Accuracy

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The power for the hit comes from proper hip rotation. Train with the HipStart to explode from the hip and transfer that power to your hands. Train your swing and throw.


Learn the secret power of the Pros. Average hip speed is just 1 mph. The top pros hip speed is 2.4 mph. This accounts for the difference in average driving distance between pros and amateur golfers.Train the Kinematic sequence. Your hips lead your upper body, then pulling your arms and shoulders into action.


All groundstrokes start from the bottom up, the hips should be the first to be put into motion. As the hips begin to rotate forward, the shoulders should remain in the side-facing position producing more efficiency and power.

From Beginner to Elite.
Get More Power

The HipStart trains all playing levels, so whether you are new, avid or pro, train more efficient hip power.

Designed for sports that require the drive of the hips. HipStart increases velocity, but also improves efficiency by training the body to transfer power beginning with proper weight shift and utilizing the more powerful hip muscles. By enabling the hips to move before the upper body, the player leverages the kinematic sequence. Train the power to feel the power with the HipStart.

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"HipStart is addressing the most critical issue in the golf swing, the initial move down. This will help provide a feel for improving your first move down."Steve Bosdosh, PGA GOLF Magazine TOP 100 Teacher
Hip Start is great training tool for what is called Block practice. Block practice is training a movement pattern while using feedback like a mirror. Training to ingrain a new movement with feedback from HipStart will improve consistency.Jim Estes, PGA
  • Clips on Belt

    Easily snaps onto your belt

  • For all level of play

    Youth to adult …train the hips

  • Instant feedback

    Arm transfers from side to side with proper hip rotation

Easy to Use

  • Right or Left Hand

    Easily reversible for both right and left-handed players

  • Fun to Use

    Can easily be reset over and over to feel the proper Hip turn

  • Pre-Game Warm-up

    Snaps on and will provide feedback within minutes before practice

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