Best-selling golf author, LPGA and Titleist Performance Institute Golf Level 3 Christina Ricci shares her key points using the HipStart for max results.

“After using Hipstart, I now know how important it is to the muscle memory of my hip turn. It will change the way you swing for sure”

Kevin McGloin

The HipStart is an effective training aid to train hip rotation and speed.

HipStart easily clips onto your belt or pant seam.

  • Easily Clips On

    Take HipStart and clip it onto your belt or pant line.

  • Durable and Portable

    A strong, plastic base with pivotal arm can be reversed for righties or lefties

  • Swivel the Arm into Position

    Take the arm and make sure it’s facing away from the target.

  • Move the Arm with Your Hip Drive

    Without a club, racket or bat, release the arm to the other side.

  • Isolate the Hips for Max Results

    Keep doing this until you feel your hips turning comfortably and you see the Arm move with ease.

  • Power Like the Pros

    Average hip speed is just 1 mph. The top pros hip speed is 2.4 mph. This accounts for the difference in average driving distance between pros and amateur golfers.

  • Hips Drive First

    It’s important to keep your shoulder turned away from the target while allowing the HipStart arm to turn first giving you good separation from the hips and shoulders.

  • Great Warm-Up Routine

    Once you have loosened up the hips using the HipStart, take that same speed out on the course, courts or field.

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Train with the HipStart

Designed for sports that require the drive of the hips. HipStart increases velocity, but also improves efficiency by training the body to transfer power beginning with proper weight shift and utilizing the more powerful hip muscles. By enabling the hips to move before the upper body, the player leverages the kinematic sequence. Train the power to feel the power with the HipStart.

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